Meet the Team

We are a team of seasoned investors and entrepreneurs with a long history of creating value together. Trust and integrity are at the center of our core values and form the bedrock of our relationships. We pride ourselves on being trusted, long-term partners.

Lance Hirt
Managing Partner

Jonathan Sockol
Vice President

Douglas Hirsch
Vice President


Our Development

Our Development Partners are successful entrepreneurs and executives with proven operating capabilities, wide networks and deep industry insights. Utilizing their nuanced sector perspectives and extensive industry networks, they help identify needed services, product shortages or market dislocations, and design investment theses that create solutions for the specific needs of their customer base.

Rich Montgomery

David Lumpkins

Darcy Brede

Nathan Ticatch

Henning von Kalm

Nathan Fruchter.jpg

Nathan Fruchter

Josh Huster

Jeff Davis Photo.jpg

Jeff Davis