Experienced Partnership

Our success is driven by helping leaders build great companies.


Our team has worked together for over 15 years building innovative, sustainable companies that are adding value to their customers and communities. 

Our approach is centered on identifying and supporting great managers, whom we believe are critical to enacting transformational growth and driving outsized results. 

We seek to support these exceptional leaders through our distinct industry perspectives, deep networks, and hands-on capabilities as well as our financial support and acquisition expertise.

We work hand-in-hand with our management teams to identify and improve environmental, social, and governance issues for all of our portfolio companies.


Investment Profile


Generalist Investors

Primarily focused on Logistics, Business Services, Food & Beverage, Renewables & Sustainability, Health & Wellness, and Infrastructure



Primarily North America & Europe


Investment Size

$100-500+ million of equity investment per transaction



Company Size

$25-200+ million of EBITDA


A successful partnership requires tailoring each investment to the situation at hand. Each owner or management team has a different set of objectives in looking for a partner, and each company has different capital needs. 

While we have several core structuring tenets – an appropriate capital structure that allows a company the flexibility to pursue its strategy, alignment with the management team and any other owners, and appropriate governance – we believe these tenets can be accomplished through a range of transaction structures:

  • Growth equity

  • Joint ventures

  • Generational liquidity transfers

  • Corporate divestitures or carve-outs

  • Traditional buyouts

  • Staged management buyouts

  • Recapitalizations

  • PIPEs

  • Off-balance sheet solutions

  • Long-term growth capital

  • New platforms or brownfield developments